11 Experts Reveal The First Step Towards Personal Freedom

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11 Experts Reveal The First Step Towards Personal Freedom

No matter if your personal freedom means more quality time with family and friends, freedom to do more of the activities you love or for help with taking the first step to starting a business you are passionate about. There is no right or wrong answer only what feels right for you, its the answer that makes you feel like you are on the right track or ready to take the next big step into the unknown.

Freedom. It’s what your going for with all your heart, soul and energy it requires courage. Lots of it. You want to be on the right track, making progress, you cant fail, your scared to fail, you want confirmation… have we found your answer?

Iv’e asked 11 Entrepreneurs who are making a big impact in other peoples lives the question:


“what do you consider to be the first principle in creating a life of personal freedom?”


Ashley Ambirge – The Middle Finger Project

I’d say the first principle in setting up a life of personal freedom requires you to define: What’s my own personal freedom? What does that mean? If the goal is to work less and still make an income, good – but just know that it will become difficult to turn down different opportunities that come your way – and you can easily find yourself sabotaging your own personal freedom. With every opportunity that comes along, ask yourself: Is this helping me reach my greater goal? Or is this taking away from it? Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by the answer. ~Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project


Erika Lyremark – Daily Whip

“Live your life as if no one ever talked about you. Good or bad” – Erika Lyremark : Creator + Mastermind of Daily Whip


Chris Guillebeau – Art of Non-Conformity

The first principle in achieving freedom is defining freedom. What does freedom mean to you? For many of us, freedom is the opportunity to make a good living and create something meaningful. Whether that’s your definition or you have one of your own, you’ll be much more successful when you clearly understand what you hope to achieve. Chris Guillebeau ~ Art of Non-Conformity


Barrie Davenport – Live Bold and Bloom

My answer to your questions would be authenticity. In order to create personal freedom, you have to know yourself fully, be willing to be vulnerable but fearless in seeking what is real and right for you. Authenticity means letting go of outdated beliefs and paradigms for your life and defining your own personal operating system. Only by coming into your true self can you live with freedom. ~ Barrie Davenport – Live Bold and Bloom


Corbett Barr –  Think Traffic & Fizzle

“The first principle in creating a life of freedom is to define what freedom means to you. Don’t accept other peoples’ definitions. Don’t necessarily accept your own first ideas either. Explore yourself. Find out what’s possible. Take some time away from your usual influences to really figure out what it means to you.” – Corbett Barr, Founder of Think Traffic. Creator of Fizzle: Honest Video Training for Online Business Builders

Caleb Wojcik – Pocket Changed

“The first principle to me is to quit leading a life you think you SHOULD be living and start creating a life you WANT or NEED to be living. Life is too short to waste the majority of it hating how you spend your time.” – Caleb – Founder of Pocket Changed


Errol Lawson – From The Postcode to the Globe

The first principle would be to become a student. Take the necessary time to be an apprentice and be a student under the tutelage and mentorship of someone that has accomplished the level of personal freedom you desire to achieve. Errol Lawson ~ From the Postcode to the Globe


Steven Aitchinson – Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

“The first principle in creating a life of personal freedom, I believe, is to have a purpose. Ask yourself why you want to create a life of freedom and how will it benefit, not only you, but the world as well. We are here to reach our own potential, but to also help others reach their potential.  So, have a purpose and go out and conquer your own fears, and then reach out to others to help them conquer their fears.” – Steven Aitchinson- Founder of Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life


Henri Junttila – Wake Up Cloud

The willingness to let go. To let go of excuses, beliefs and anything holding you back. Creating a life of personal freedom is not a walk in the park. It takes work. It’s scary. And there will be a lot of challenges. You have to constantly be willing to go of anything that holds you back from taking action. Henri Junttila – Wake Up Cloud


Sibyl Chavis – The Possibility of Today

I think one of the easiest traps to fall into is thinking that in order to be responsible you should not take any risks or change things that are already “working” in your life. Looking back now, I know I was so settled into the life I had been living for so many years that the thought of “letting it go” to pursue what I really wanted seemed unfathomable – even though I knew that it was the path to my personal freedom.

So, I would say that one of the first principles in creating a life of personal freedom is to understand that you are meant to find your way to what you really want. In fact, it is responsible of you to do just that. It actually brings to mind one of my most favourite quotes of all time –

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Life really is about personal freedom and often-times that means you have to be willing to do things differently than you have been. ~ Sibyl Chavis – Creator of The Possibility of Today

Roman Soluk – Optimistic Lifestyle

Your personal freedom begins inside you. It’s your inner peace. You may have everything: money, fame, great career, lots of friends or you may be a genius, but peace of mind is much more valuable. And the easy way to achieve this inner peace is your positiveness. – Roman Soluk, Optimistic Lifestyle


So…  I would love to thank the experts for their time to answer this question, I truly appreciate what you do!



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