15 Important Things People Living Their Purpose Do

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15 Important Things People Living Their Purpose Do

Are you seriously waking up happy each day? How do you know your living fully?

Well throughout my journey since finding my purpose I have found some important things that have kept me waking up fulfilled each day. Not just me but things other people living their purpose do too.

Let me take you on a little insightful trip to find out what people living their purpose do.


Non – Conform

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  ~Dr. Seuss

When you have woken up to the reality that things in the world are really not as you thought they were. Getting angry about it is ok. Really. I did.

At first It may be difficult to ‘blaze your own trail.’ But the more you are on purpose & know WHY you do what you do, it becomes harder to follow the crowd. Your message, your gifts and your WHY become far more significant and you can’t Ignore your calling.

Chris Guillebeau who created The Art of Non-Conformity has based his message around this topic teaching you to set your own rules & live the life you want. I suggest you read what he has to say.


Find Their Strengths

What you good at? What comes naturally to you?

You may not even know! But you can find out and take a free strengths finder test to help with these questions. The purpose of finding your strengths helps you with your preferred way of thinking, feelings and acting. This will help you to regain your natural skills so you can live an improved life. You will work better in a way that is the least resistant, evolving into your true unique nature.


Live Their Values

Doing what you say is important to you.

Let me give you an example you say that you would like to start saving $20 a week but you don’t. Or lets say you like to have a clean and tidy desk but you don’t have one. Are you truly doing what you value? An obvious NO. I value going on holidays every year to a nice hot country that has a beach so I have to go away each year even at least once! By building a life and lifestyle around our values we create a life that is more satisfying and meaningful to us.

Download:  Living Your Values Worksheet 



smile often.

Henrik Edberg over at The Positivity Blog gives us 5 reasons why you should smile more.

The more you live your purpose each day the more you have to smile about


Have Fun

Don’t take things so seriously. Somewhere along the road of life we have been led to think the older we get the more miserable we have to be. What a big fat lie! When give up our rights to have fun we become empty because in all you do it should be fun. In my opinion we need to incorporate fun in our work, business, home life & wherever you go.

Lighten up. YOLO (You Only Live Once)



My Secret weapon!

Where do I start, Gratitude is more than saying thank you, it’s an emotion a real power that works like magic. By giving gratitude daily you will bring so much goodness, things, people and answers into your life and works instantly when you need it.

To get started with gratitude you can be grateful for all you have in your life now, also for things you want but don’t yet have. Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for each day.

You can check out The Magic
which is a book written by the creator of The Secret Rhonda Byrne it’s an awesome tool for starting your gratitude journey.


Make Time to Connect to Your Higher Self

Weather by Prayer, meditation, short quiet time to reflect relax or a simple breathing exercise, making time to be present in the moment and connecting with God will help you gain clarity, focus, insight, intuition & of course answers to your prayers!

There are so many benefits of meditation:

Here are 100 benefits of meditation

I prefer to use a guided meditation by using the world’s best The Silva Life System


Be The Best They Can Be

In all you do, do your best.

There is only your best or less, you can’t do more than your best. People who are on purpose I believe do their best everyday to make things happen for a better life.

My mom used to say to us growing up for any task or chore we had to get done “If your not going to do it properly, don’t do it at all”. This has stuck with me throughout my life and so I give my best at everything I do. If you don’t succeed at first, try again. A new day brings another chance make the most of it.



In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. ~ Eric Hoffer


Read books, develop skills, take courses, educate yourself, and take on new adventures & challenges. Pick one new thing you want to learn this year and do it! Is there a book you say you’re going to finish reading soon? Do you keep saying your going to learn a new language soon? What are you putting off that will take you to the next level or just make you feel better learning or doing.

Remember we talked about living your values, If it means learning something to get to the next level or make you happy in some way – Get. It.  Done.



People on purpose usually have a desire to make an impact in some way, whether it be to make a difference in the world or make their family or loved ones happy its usually by doing something that is bigger than themselves. What do I mean by that? Well Its no longer about the person its about others, living they have come to realise we are all here for each other. They learn to be unselfish.



What will be your legacy? How will you be remembered?

People on purpose inspire others by sharing their story. If you have had a struggle in your life that you have overcome, you could turn it around and begin to tell your story to help others overcome their difficulties.

Can you inspire and spark a positive reaction in one person’s life this week? Great! Because if you can, its like a ripple effect when you have inspired someone who will then go on to make a difference in someone else’s life.



“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” ~ Proverb


People on purpose DO NOT walk aimlessly through life allowing life to just ‘happen’ they make plans and set goals. They have a bigger picture for how they see things they want to accomplish then plan how they will make it happen.


Connect with other amazing people

There’s nothing better to connect with like-minded people who are tearing things up! (in a good way) Making stuff in their life happen, reaching goals, Inspiring others. It’s even coo just meeting someone who share the same interests as you. No one likes to feel left out.

Which leads me to ask you are we connected?

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A vision of themselves, their life, they do not hold back, they look fear in the face and go for what they have created in their imagination of how they want things to be. Not how someone has told them to do it again this come down to non-conforming.

What the image you hold of yourself? Spend some time for yourself to get a picture of how you really want to live, what you want your life to look like, who are your friends, where do you go?

Create the images and see them come to life.


Take Action

By consistently taking action towards your purpose you will get closer. Simple.

If your not moving forward you are going backwards because everything is moving and growing nothing stands still. (Something for you to think about)

We all get lazy at time or stuck within our comfort zones: