15 things That Will Easily Make Your Day Even Better

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15 things That Will Easily Make Your Day Even Better

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of our lives, without giving any conscious thought as to how we are going about things. In essence, all that happens is on auto-pilot. Maybe you do have good days maybe not but no matter what kind of day your having here are 15 ways to make your day even better.

Here’s the deal, I want you to consciously do this. Make a plan to do it. See how your day goes.

Live in awareness in all you do. Be present and enjoy the experience.

Oh and I almost forgot you don’t need to do all 15 things in one day, just one.  One that resonates with you the most. (if your feeling adventurous then maybe two)


Lighten up

Literally. We sometimes take things way too seriously. There is no need to be stressed out all of the time. Besides, when you are happier you automatically attract good things into your life.


Get a good night’s sleep

It’s so important to repair your body by getting enough sleep. Why not make it a plan to have an early night tonight. Your body will function so much better with the right amount of sleep, decreasing fatigue and stress.


Read that book

Yes. The book you’ve been putting off reading. Set a time today for reading at least some of it. Don’t have a book? Buy one and read it. Find a book that will be of interest to you, snuggle up with a hot drink and read till your heart’s content.


Buy yourself flowers

Put a little beauty in your home. If you don’t like flowers buy them for someone else, seeing how happy they are about it will give you a feeling of satisfaction too.


Don’t compare yourself with others

Yes for the day! The whole day! This is self-sabotage, you are what matters right now where you are. Be happy with who you are and be grateful for all you have. Comparing yourself to other will only make you feel horrible and unworthy.


Don’t beat yourself up

When you do something you shouldn’t that you really want to change (like eating that cream cake when your trying to lose weight) in that moment please just enjoy the cake! Then start again, but do not feel bad about it.


Be open to new ideas

Once we have a set belief about an idea, this limits us and stops us from growing and learning new ideas, our picture of the world is limited. You don’t have to believe everything you hear but just be open to see what new ideas bring in your life.

Don’t focus on negative thoughts

Your challenge is to catch yourself if you are thinking negative thoughts and then change it into a positive thought. This is a powerful act in itself in making a radical positive change in your life and should be practiced all the time.


Focus on creating what you desire

Make a plan, set a goal and take the first step. Now. Yes now.

Here’s how: Goal Setting


Make time just to have fun

Do you have any hobbies you haven’t done in a while? Why not set a date this week to do what you love.

Or simply in the moment create some fun. Get up have a little dance, it may feel awkward at first but just carry on and see how much fun you have.


Keep the romance in your life

If your in a relationship that is kind of running on auto pilot, why not spice things up a bit. Go have an expensive dinner date, or simply go for a walk with your loved one. You could even try something new in the bedroom.


Make a gratitude list

This is one of the most magical things you can do in your lifetime! Seriously.  Gratitude can change your life. Begin by making a list of 10 things you are truly grateful for will surely make you feel better and you will have a better day!


Love your mother earth

Look at the beauty outside the trees, plants, flowers, and all of nature. Care for the earth and the things in it.


Want what you have

Have you ever brought something, and then didn’t use it? Even when you wanted so badly? Begin to appreciate and want what you have if you don’t.


Be true to yourself

If you do nothing else, be yourself.

You don’t need to do all of these to experience life you only need to pick the one that is the most relevant to you right now and go do that. Just one thing. Often we think we need to do more but we don’t if I said go do all 30 things now you wouldn’t do any of them!

Which one resonates with you now at this moment in your life? Leave a comment below.