3 Little Know Secrets That Will Help You Do Work You Love

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3 Little Know Secrets That Will Help You Do Work You Love

Are you confused and frustrated with finding work you actually, really really want to do?

Dislike the work you do now?

When it comes to doing work you love, you’re going to have to step out of whats normal and forget most of what you were taught in school & how to get the perfect job,  let’s face reality & wake up to the fact that you are unique and are not meant to fit in to the box you previously thought you had to, begin to actually believe you *can* do work you want!

Let’s take a look at 3 little known factors (not known by many) that will help you do work you love.


Secret 1. Find Your Strengths
What are you good at?

It ‘s no mistake that people who find their strengths and use them, succeed in what they do. It’s because they find their sweet spot and are passionate about what they are doing. You may not even realize you have so called strengths! However Im certain you do, we all do. It’s about identifying them. You can use a free tool like The Happy Trigger Guide or you can buy the well known Strengths Finder Book StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Finding your strengths will help you find and do work you love, do work that you are passionate about and do work that will have you waking up in the morning!

Secret 2. Values
What we are made of. Our core.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find your values & live them. It’s the stuff we are made of, what makes us an individual; we have somehow forgotten we are all different! We each have our unique set of values that we believe in and define who we are and the choices we make.

Finding out what your values are will help you find and do work you love along with many other benefits because you will be living your values while working!

There is an expansive list of values that will help you understand what is important to you, what drives you and what makes you happy. The quickest and easiest way to get started is to pick your top 5 {from this list} and begin to incorporate actions and plans in your life based around your top values.


Secret 3. Life Lessons

Let’s face it things go wrong.

You may not (I think that’s most of us) have a perfect life but your outlook will make all the difference. You can use your ‘Life Lesson’ to learn from past mistakes, teach others to avoid the mistakes you made and you can be a better person and grow.

Your life lessons good or bad can inspire others and make an impact on their lives. Your experiences are part of who you are.

Doing what we do now because other people said that were supposed to, instead of doing things that make us come alive. Use your experiences as a tool to help you in the work you want to do rather than an obstacle, because you may have had a bad experience before.



Think BIG, push your limits, Surround yourself with positive, Inspiring people. Jim Rohn once said “you are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with” Think about it.

You are in control of what happens to you when what’s happening around you is just happening.

Do what is important to you, what matters to only you.

If you want to find out how to do what you love, live a life of purpose & never have to be alone on this journey again, then subscribe below. Its free too.