7 Fears Most likely Sabotaging Your Dreams Right Now + How to Deal With Them

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7 Fears Most likely Sabotaging Your Dreams Right Now + How to Deal With Them

Lets jump straight into this one.

1. Failure

Fear of failure stops you from doing the thing you really want to do, procrastinating + keeping yourself doing everything else except the thing you really want to do or NEED to. I know because sometimes I do it too. (Yes I’m human.)

Get over it by:

  • Remembering why you wanted to do what your doing in the first place
  • Setting mini-targets
  • Asking – What’s the worst case scenario?
  • Positive Thinking

2.  What others might think or say

In my opinion there’s 2 sides to this, you may not agree with me:

First – no one gives a shit about what you do because they are too worried about their own fears to worry about you. (not always but mostly)

Second – someone will always have something to negative to say based on their own fears and really never has anything to do with you!

Third – I know I said 2 sides but here’s something else. You need to know you limit yourself by worrying what ‘others’ think, heck everyone might just be happy that you decided to do something that you really want to! Yes. The haters will still be there.

Do it anyway. Give them something to say. They’ll think what they want in any case. 

3. Accomplishing goals + dreams

If your fearful about being successful you are not alone. This is one of the obstacles holds many others back from taking action.

How to get past this:

  • Find your purpose
  • Find people who have already accomplished what you want to do – join groups, forums & build up a network so you can get support. Have you joined my Facebook community yet? AND liked the page?
  • Inspirational, kick butt into action materials – like positive thinking books, audios or videos.
  • Develop your skills, required for you to accomplish your goals by taking courses + reading books.

4. Fear of rejection

We all fear being rejected and this has probably come from past experiences mixed with the fear of the unknown, you don’t think your good enough mixed with what others will think.

Its going to happen at some point accept it + embrace it so that if and when it happens you can get up and move on.

To do this, have your goals in place so if you are rejected you remember what you went after what you wanted in the first place. You can get up and keep moving forward.

Visualize how you want things to be, then take action.

5. Making mistakes

Mistakes help you learn lesson that help you make better choices next time, mistakes are there to help you. As harsh as that may sound we all make mistakes. Its how you respond to them that makes the difference.

If your held back by making mistakes realize its part of your learning journey. Listen to what ‘feels’ like the right thing to do… then do it!

6. Fear of the unknown

Our accomplishment at anything requires that we step into the unknown. Things don’t always go as planned and they’re not supposed to. As I’ve heard it quoted before “replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.” I’ve tried it too and helps when your afraid to take action because you don’t know what the outcome will be.

What will happen when you take that next step?

What will happen if you don’t?

7. Change in Career or (anything else for that matter)

OK so you love your current job but want to become a writer, guitar player or heck you just want to own your own property empire.

Because your family matters. Right?

You and your sanity matters. Right?

And when you find you purpose you will want to start something new.

Questions to ask yourself to get you over your fear of starting something new:

  • Am I scared to fail?
  • Am I afraid of what others might think or say?
  • Am I sacred of making a success of it?
  • Will others reject me?
  • Am I scared to take the next step?
  • Or am I letting the fear off the unknown stop me?

If there are any ‘yes’ answers here you might want to read what I previously wrote above for each ‘yes’.


The pain of staying where you are in your current circumstances has got to be greater than fear of moving forward! That’s when the magic happen.


As for time and being committed to your ultimate destination, yes I know your only limited to a certain amount of hours each day, you work, have kids, chores to get done and so much other things going on, but taking some steps each day towards the bigger picture the lifestyle and the freedom will be absolutely worth it in the end! Small step count too.


You must adopt a new habit of doing things in your life even if you don’t feel like doing it that will lead you to where you want to go.

But it’s going to take work – good purposeful, meaningful work & planning that you will enjoy and whenever you see results you will feel a sense of deep satisfaction. Your life is short. Too short.