Goal Setting For People Who Don’t Like Setting Goals

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Goal Setting For People Who Don’t Like Setting Goals

First of all as from this point on let’s get this clear I am going to be brutally honest & tell you…. I don’t like “goal setting”. There I said it. I do not like goal setting, Its boring, the phrase ‘goal setting’ annoys me and the thought of it makes me procrastinate.

I know it so important and must get done so I use a more interesting way. It’s a process I use with teens and its very effective too. You’ll agree.

One more thing, I think the word ‘goal setting’ is part of the reason I have a problem. So as of now I will change the word to ‘Mini -Targets’. There that’s better already. Don’t worry even if you have long term ‘Mini-Targets’ e.g.  (5 yrs) we will still call them Mini-Targets.

The process is done in 3 sections & leads you from the many Mini-Targets you have to an affirmation for one. But you will see how it all works in a moment.

Section 1.

  • Answer the following questions in as much details as possible (or as little) that’s up to you.
  • Go wild there are no limits at this point so do not hold back
  • Write at least 2-3 answers for each where applicable

Section 2

 In step one above ensure your Mini-Target is SMART.

S – Specific

They need be specific – Saying things like “I want a bit more money” or “I want to lose a bit of weight”  how much money? How much weight?

M – Measurable

Something like “ I will spend an extra 20 minutes per day practicing my dance routine”

A – Achievable

OK let’s not get silly here…Aiming to run a marathon in 2 weeks without prior training will probably not be a good Idea, however to start a training programme will be better.

R – Realistic

Don’t try to become an overnight Rock-star but do focus smaller steps that will lead you in the right direction.

T – Timely

Setting dates to get things done is great and is making a commitment to yourself. It also feels great to accomplish a goal when you said you were going to do it.


  • In step two above, what are the benefits of your accomplishments? List them.


  • Vision statement In step 3 – This can be one sentence or a paragraph again, up to you


Example of vision statements:


“Our [Amazon’s] vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” (Quoted from Amazon.com)

Or even shorter:

“To help people be healthy”

“To help people enjoy life, or offer an affordable solution to health care.”


  • Then finally write an affirmation a statement written in the present tense:

I am so happy now that ….. [your goal as achieved]


Section 3

  •  Take action.

The End.

I told you this was way better than ‘normal’ goal setting!

Don’t forget to download the digital workbook that goes with this post, so you can print it out and put it where you can actually remember what your goals were.