How to End The Search For Your True Authentic Self

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How to End The Search For Your True Authentic Self

“Only the truth of who you are, if realised, will set you free.” – Eckhart Tolle

When I say your true authentic self what do I mean?

I’m talking about who you are down to your core. The stuff only YOU are made of. I’m not talking about as a mother, brother, sister, father or what type of work you do, I am talking about beneath all of that.

It goes like this, since the day we are born we have been brought into a world that ‘helps’ shape our lives. Our well-meaning parents, family, the media, teachers and society as a whole tell us what they think we should be doing or what they think we are good at but is this true?

Answer. No.

The real core of your true authentic self is not found by going through life living to please others but to do what feels right for you. Living your values, finding your strengths, find and do work you are truly passionate about.

By not living an authentic life by being who you truly are, you will feel unfulfilled, incomplete as though ‘something is missing’ and a sense of guilt by not doing what deep down you think you should.

Benefits of Living an Authentic Life

  • Happier
  • Peaceful
  • Motivated
  • Find purpose
  • Grow
  • Reconnect to a passion (music, art, writing)etc
  • Learn new things about yourself
  • Fulfilment by who you are
  • Following your own path (freedom)

How to Find Your Authentic Self

Answer the following questions:


1. As a child what did you want to be when you were older?

We all had childhood dreams. What were yours? List them and see what stands out.


2. What are your natural strengths?

Knowing what your strengths are and using them in your work and daily life will make things a heck of a lot smoother, that trying to take action and feeling out of sorts because its not who you are.


3. What are your values?

If you ever want to live a truly authentic life, you will do so by finding out your core values are and living by them every day. This on its own will show you what you are made of.


4. What activities are you good at?

We are not used to saying good things about ourselves so for this point ask someone you trust – friends, family or anyone who will give you honest answers. If you already know what you are good at the great make a list, but don’t forget the obvious things.


5. What makes you laugh?                                                                 

What lights you up? When are you happiest? This will give you a clue as to when you are in a ‘flow’ state where time doesn’t matter and whatever your doing gives you joy.


Now you have your answers, look at them and see if anything stands out for you something you didn’t see before. Go ahead and use the information to make a plan for incorporating your values and strengths into your daily life and rekindle your dreams by doing what you love.

If you follow this plan as time goes by you will notice improvements in your life and the ‘real’ you will begin to emerge.

Remember your true authentic self is not found on the surface, only by stripping back the layers of conditioning we have been exposed to over the years.