My Son, 5 Qualities & Suitcase Wheels

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My Son, 5 Qualities & Suitcase Wheels

My son recently turned 18 at the time of writing this and what a journey it’s been! Yes I do mean for me . All the same, there are a few qualities I’ve seen, that he has, when it comes to getting what you want out of life. My son, Shaquille is by means no angel (sorry Shaq) but does have a few qualities that you need if your ready to move forward with your life and get what you want out of it along the way.

On the other hand my son could learn a few qualities that will take him further- ALL of them will help YOU in any case!


3 Qualities My son Already has, Do You?

Manners + a Smile

If Shaquille is remembered for anything its his manners and his smile. It’s the first thing people say to me “he’s so polite” or “he’s always smiling”. And yes people say this now even at 18!

People will always remember if you have manners & your smile too. You are always better positioned to receive opportunities + yes, it’s one tool that can also save your ass when in trouble!

Never Give Up On Your Dream

Shaquille plays football (soccer depending on where your reading this from in the world) he’s good too. However despite being turned down at times from teams in the past, do you think he quit.

Hell no!

He looks for the next team, with charm (see above) + skills he’s in.

You shouldn’t give up either. Here’s why you will never reach your dreams. More to the point, do you even have one?

Make Friends

Shaquille knows a lot of people…. No seriously. I remember being in the town centre once and have him calling me up asking where I was because about 5 people have seen me. I hadn’t been there 10 minutes. (I know right?)

All the same building your network is super important if you want to at least provide services, get a message out or become famous  its not just the size of the network either it’s the quality of the value you give to others & how you treat people. People will always remember you for how you made them feel.

Make friends >>> treat them well >>> learn from each other>>> get famous (like my son)

In fact I have had workmen, a bill collector, and service providers come to my home and recognize my son on a photo! Yes really! Someone even wanted a photo of the photo because his daughter had met him the week before and others had ‘heard’ about him. Crazy.


2 Qualities That Will Take My Son (& you) Further

Be Responsible

Take responsibility for whatever happens in your life especially when the shit hits the fan, I rant about this enough in other blog posts (see #22 here) so you ‘get it’. Once this ‘clicks’ you will realize YOU are responsible for what happens in your life & besides it totally annoying blaming someone else for things you should have a grip on. Seriously.

I can’t stress this enough (Shaquille) Its time to take responsibility and stop blaming me when your phone battery dies because you were on it all night and forgot to charge it why the alarm didn’t go off and wake you for football training in the morning and now, I wont give you a lift to the train station. That. Is. Annoying!

Be prepared

Quick story – the other day my son packs about a hundred suitcases (slight exaggeration) one even included a TV (not joking) and he was ready and all packed up to get on the train! By walking to the station, at 11pm. Ha! So as mother does I tried to convince him to wait till in the morning and get a ride. But no, Mr independent knows best I went to my bed after trying,  he said his goodbyes & left out. All I could hear were the suitcase wheels rolling up the street and fading out in the distance, then a few moments later, suitcase wheels coming back…

Do you think Shaquille was ‘prepared’? No.

Are you?

Anyway Happy 18th  Birthday Son!! (For about the hundredth time in the past week and a half)

And for everyone else I hope you enjoyed the post & will learn new qualities! Please share with people who NEED to learn them to.