The Art and Science Of Happiness

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The Art and Science Of Happiness

Because lets face it no one is ever really happy ALL of the time laughing and giggling with a big grin all day long, Just Imagine that. But on a more serious note, if you can be happy in a way without the need to attain some kind of goal first (house, car, money, relationship) you will be well on your way to true happiness. Happiness comes from within and is not a result of an event that has happened or thing you have gained.


Being happy is possible. However if you follow the formula we are about to go through its certain.


What is happiness?

Happiness is a mindset, a way of thinking a way of managing the outcome of a situation, the way we view the world. As Buddha said “with our thoughts we make the world”. Our mind is such a powerful part of us and used as a tool for visualizing and getting great results and outcomes in our lives.

Our mindset for happiness can create:

  • satisfaction
  • purpose & meaning
  • strength
  • optimism
  • self-confidence
  • well-being


Why should we want to be happy?

Have you always thought GOALS = HAPPINESS?

Sorry to tell you but this is not the case goals, things and circumstances alone will never make you truly happy.

I call this the ‘if only’ factor, which goes something like “ if only I lost 15lbs, then I’ll be happy” or “if only I get that job, then I’ll be happy”. You have the idea that by achieving something you will be happy, but this isn’t true, because once you reach this goal, it isn’t long before you are in search for the next goal that will ‘make you happier’.

So here’s the deal. So that you can achieve anything you want in life, you have to get happy before anything else.  Research also suggests happiness affects every other area of your life:

  • You can live longer
  • Better health
  • Less disease

Isn’t that cool?

Not to mention happiness creates:

  • Less stress
  • More confidence
  • Better relationships
  • More thoughtful
  • Kind
  • Better people overall

Not to disregard the fact that if you wind up with a job you love there are even more benefits, like being more productive and making more money.

Happiness creates a better world you’re a better person, creating a better family, creating a better community.

For all of these reasons wouldn’t you agree happiness is important?


How do I get some?

Listen carefully. Happiness is a skill. Something you can get better at doing, by practising often, daily. But not by doing what you have been doing already, the job you hate will never ‘one day’ make you happy. Watching TV for hours upon hours a day will never make you happy these are the wrong ‘skills’.

The right skills will help you become happier and these are:



Apply your values and strengths

What’s important to you? What get you excited? What energizes you?

Don’t know? Find out. Then apply that into your life.



Gratitude. Appreciation for what you have and being thankful will make you happier guaranteed and the reason lies in not looking at what you don’t already have to make you happy, but by being happy with what you already have. To add, by being grateful for what you already have will then allow you to have so much more in ways you never imagined. I’m not just saying it, this book helped me prove it.

You could simply write down 5-10 things you are grateful for each week this could include people your grateful for in your life or even basic things like food and water. Even for the air you breathe c’mon, never really thought about it did you? Best of all it wont cost you any money but WILL increase your happiness.



Physical Exercise. What?!

It’s been proven. Honestly. Not only will it make you happier its proven to be more effective than anti-depressant drugs!

Heres why:

Reduces stress

Builds self-confidence

Increases your positive energy

Better sleep

Even a short amount of exercise can help you be happier.


Lets wrap up

If you apply these basic concepts into your life it will take you from wherever you are right now to where you want to go. Remember happiness is not a result of attaining something but by following these laws of science you will be happy.