The Meaning of Life and a Conversation With God

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The Meaning of Life and a Conversation With God

Things didn’t make sense, as I stood there in utter silence thinking about my current situation the questions popped up “what is the meaning of life”? what is it all about? Why do humans exist anyway? It isn’t fair we go through life unhappy then die, that didn’t cut it, there had to be more.

The reasons I asked these questions is probably just as important as the answers I came up with, you see I could only ask these questions because things were so bad (in my mind) something didn’t feel right.


I was broke, unhappy, struggling to meet mine and my families basic needs & when I thought about all the years I’ve worked so hard, there was nothing to show for it, as I originally expected. No money in the bank. Nothing. Sure I had a house, car and basic things, but still something was wrong. I was lost, griping around in the dark looking for light.

I lost my Job too, my teenage son who decided to let loose and run away every chance he got, became problematic at school, all because things weren’t going his way. Two smaller children 1 and 2 years old to attend to and support. I felt like a failure. Things were pretty crazy but it woke me up.


A conversation with God

Back to the question “why am I here” I asked out loud. I added “all my life I told myself I am going to be a millionaire by the time I was 30, why hasn’t this happened?” I complained (note: I must have been crazy to think that, working an average paid job but read on) “why don’t I just kill myself? What’s the point, why don’t I jump out this window right now and kill myself?”

Just at that point it made sense, an epiphany! My purpose was revealed in that very moment it was never about me, it was about other people. My purpose was to help other people!

Help other people do what you ask?

At the time it didn’t matter all that mattered was knowing it wasn’t about me & that I was here for a purpose, this was the beginning of my souls journey.

“So why am I not a millionaire?” I asked.

God said “why, why do you want to be a millionaire?

I thought about it for a while then it hit me, “oh” I said with great realization. “I don’t need to be a millionaire I could meet all my needs without becoming a millionaire.

God was silent.

Then I had another realization “OOOHhhh” I get it now I DO want to be a millionaire! Not because of the money but because of all the people I could help. (remember – my purpose was never about me)

**Note** it was never about the money or becoming a millionaire it was a symbol or a prompt, a reminder for me to remember why I’m here. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this right now you will one day. For sure.

God said laughing “well done”.


The Meaning of Life

Out of all the pain at that time in my life I got it. I got what it was all about.

To help other people wake up to see things as they really are not how we’ve been taught throughout time. That’s the thing, we don’t listen to ourselves we are too busy listening to others.

Why is this?

Fear. Yes Fear.

Fear of the truth, of the unknown. To step out and know the truth takes courage. As much courage as it took for me to share this with you. But that’s why I’m here. Why are you here?

Although you go through life, you have forgotten WHY you came here. You wanted to be here but got lost along the way.

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to remember.

You have a purpose.

Begin to live again

Live your life to the fullest starting now.

Go and find work you love

Live your values everyday

Be you true authentic self.

I want you to join me on the journey to your freedom, your happiness.