Why You Will Never Live Your Dreams

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Why You Will Never Live Your Dreams

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau”

You will never live your dreams if:


1.  You restrain yourself from having one

Yes. Some people do not have a dream they only believe other people are lucky enough to have them. Even if these people did have something they wanted to achieve they wouldn’t grasp the idea that they can go for it and make their dreams come true. The biggest obstacle that holds people back is FEAR, but even before that, you need to have a dream, something to grasp & fight for in life so you can find meaning, purpose & happiness.


2.  You don’t believe in yourself

If you doubt what is possible you will get doubtable results AND if you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else? We all experience doubting ourselves at some point or another (unless your a non-human) except the difference is how long will you go about doubting yourself for? an hour? a day? Month? year or two or more?

Begin right now to realize anything is possible. Dreams included.


3.  Make your dreams big enough 

Some people may disagree with me on this point, how-ever… I ain’t talking about wishful thinking which means not taking action on your dreams, I’m talking about creating a vision of the life you really, really would love to have then taking small steps to achieve this & putting more plans in place, whilst taking action, while you still hold the vision. got it? good!

Dreaming big, Visualizing while taking action creates the attraction of all the necessary tools, resources and circumstances to be created and show up so that you CAN put plans in place and take action on the opportunities that will come.

Does this really happen. Yes. Try it, take action on an idea and watch the next step become apparent.


4.  You don’t have a plan.

Sorry, I know we talked about this already where i got a little carried away, still you wont live your dreams if you do not have plan by setting goals and more importantly taking action towards them. Yet we instinctively know this but then procrastination takes over, making it even more difficult which leads me to inform you of one more reason you will never live your dreams.

See – Goal Setting for people who don’t like setting goals & download the workbook


5.  Your not motivated 

Let us start with motivational & personal growth materials – books, blogs, audios, podcasts, courses, guides and whatever other shiny goodies you’ve gotten your hands on in the past because although they are essential, helpful, valuable , uplifting & excite you into action and most of the time only in the moment, you need something else. You need more fire. Its called your WHY.

WHY do you use these ‘self-help’ materials in the first place?

WHY do you want to have a dream?

For Freedom? Your children & family? Or maybe your done with the status-quo, so you crave more from what life can offer. Is it because you seek to help others? Make a difference in the world because you have become conscious that the world needs you?

The world does need you.

As long as you are taking action towards your goals and doing what you are passionate about you are already beginning to live your dreams, enjoy the journey.


You will never live your dreams if you don’t have one.